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There are usually hundreds of worlds running in the Activeworlds universe. Here is some of them, with the name of the owners or some caretakers, builders or public speakers. I try to leave the trial worlds out. World rating can be seen from Worlds list while in AW. Note that you only see worlds that your browser's rating setting allows; you can change it in Options, Settings, General.

See also Awportals Worlds Directory.

(Tourist access) = Tourist access - see also
- Awportals Tourist Enabled Worlds Directory
- Pharadon's Tourist Worlds list
- BinaryBud's Tourist Accessible Worlds list

This is not official information, so some of it may be inaccurate.

(Open entry) Activeworlds Company Worlds

* = public building

(Open entry) Public Access Worlds

(Open entry) (Restricted) 3D Homepages

(Open entry, adult) (Restricted) Adult Worlds

(Restricted) Restricted Worlds

= Admission by the permission of the world owner or caretaker only.

(Restricted) Restricted Activeworlds Company Worlds

(Restricted) Other Restricted Worlds

(Open entry) Other Universes (Tourist access)

Here are some other universes and galaxies based on the Activeworlds technology. You can visit them by downloading the custom browser from their web site, or using the AwStart program made by Ananas - see AwStart's universe listing. See also Frobozz Short List.
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