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If you'd like to take a tour around the world before deciding to settle on a pavilion for your research, we recommend you visit the world teleport directory (22.51S 0.65E -1.67a 180). These teleports take you to the various pavilions throughout AWSource. Movers are provided there for your convenience. Check back often as AWSource is intended to evolve over time and changes will occur.

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From time to time AWSource will feature hotspots to visit so be sure to read the signs at the GZ. AWSource is a living information world. Links in the various pavilions will change with use. You have a direct impact on this process. Please use the forum Click Here and post sites you think should be added and those you find of no value at all.

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If you'd like to find out what's going on in the greater AW community, then check out the latest edition of the Active Worlds Newsletter , the Active Worlds Event Committee, or visit our Community Pages. We hope you enjoy your stay in our universe!